Alif Afif Khoury



Alif Afif Khoury is the first son to Afif Mikhael Khoury (Abou Alif) and to Meriana Mikhael Youssef Khoury from Safita, Syria. It happened that the Khoury family of Bazbina came originally from Safita. After 2 or 3 generations Afif returned to Safita on a visit and married a cousin, Meriana. Likewise, Yaacoub, a cousin to Afif followed suite and married Meriana’s sister, Samira (Em Hanna).

Alif was born in Bazbina on the 9th of November 1938. He continued his studies at the Lebanese University in Beirut to earn a License in Chemistry in 1962 after which he taught in the subject for many years to retire in 2002.  He was active in the Orthodox Youth Movement in Beirut and started a Sunday School in Bazbina as early as 1954.

Although retired from teaching, yet he is involved in a great and tedious research in the Christian Faith – from Creation onward. So far, he completed 300 pages in detailed work that he intends to publish it soon.

In the attached pages you will read the Dedication and excerpts from the book.


1-   Dedication of the Book: to Bazbina and to Grandfather Reverend  Father  Mikhael Khoury. - ذ كـرى و إهـد اء –

2-   La Première Faute - الخطيئة الجدية

3-   Suggestion on Nicea Doctrine