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This site is under construction. Phase I of this site should be up sometime in September 1999.

In the meantime please check out the great pictures of our village, BAZBINA!

{short description of image} Overview of Bazbina and it's "wata". In the background (left to the right) a part of Beit Mellat, Eyioun, Shettaha, Baino, Kboula, Berg & Ain Yaacoub.
Closer overview of Bazbina closer view of Bazbina
Bazbina Spring brigns beautiful wild flower. Here red poppies at Ain-El-Sekkar.
The plain of Kammoua during the winter. The Kammoua are the mountains overlooking Bazbina. {short description of image}

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Click Here if you want a list of email directories of Bazbinians living in and out of Bazbina.

This site is seriously under construction and will feature news about our great village

in the hills of Lebanon plus a lot more. We will be up and running soon.


Coming Soon to this Site:

Phase 1: about the site, history, photos, directory listing (email, phone), news, newsletter subscriber. Estimated date: Sept. '99.
Phase 2: chat, message board, business exchange. Estimated date: Dec. '99.

Phase 3: video conferencing, voice over IP. Estimated date: Dec. '00

Phase 4: Virtual Reality of the Village. Estimated date: Jan. 2010


Please email your ideas, history about Bazbina, and any stories about our village, for the Bazbina.com website to ideas@bazbina.com