Under The Zinzlakhti Tree at Abou Alif Place  - By Hassan Bitar.

4th August 2000

Hassan Bitar commenting on the above picture I sent to him. The picture was taken in front of Afif Khoury’s shop at Bazbina. Under the Zenzlakht tree, in Winter of 1960, there were sitting left to right: Saad Slaiman (Bitar), Fayez Khoury, Yaacoub Khoury, Ayoub Feyyod, Adib Hazim (Moukhtar) and Afif Khoury (Abou Alif).


From Hassan I. El-Bietar

To Manuel Hazim


“I cannot get this picture slipped by without a comment. It is so vibrant and alive that I felt I am back to these days of simplicity and bonding. Although that all these persons have passed away except for Afif Al-Khoury and Fayez (the man with the hat), I can see them like they are a part of me, in particular Adib Hazim (Al-Moukhtar), the role model of every young man in my generation.


So many memories were brought to live inside me that I can breath the air, taste the water and share the bonding. It is humbling for me; at least, to go back all these years and compare the struggle I went through in my life to be where I am now then to be reminded as a lightning strike that "No East or West, home is best". Definitely I will be back to sit under a Zinzlakht tree in Saha and smell a flower from Bazbina.  

Thank you Manuel to share your unique talent to bring us back to our roots and make Bazbina a continuous presence in our life.”