Roots and the Family Tree - By Alejandro Hazim

Miami  6th May. 2000.


Hi Manuel,


How are you and the family? I hope all are in the best of health. I’m not very good at writting but, I was compeled to drop you these few lines. This may sound just silly but, I felt you should be praised for the time and effort you are putting  into this project. I personally feel a great sence of pride saying: “I know now where my roots are and thanks to you for your re-search”. I sit at home and watch some TV programs about the Middle East. I feel as if this is part of me. I sort of envy you for being able to live there. It must be a grand feeling just to stand on the land of your ancestors.


It’s funny as I read the summary, it discribes one relative that lived in San Pedro who was kind of crazy. It’s funny because Isaias Bulus had told me this about a year ago. I thought he was kidding me. I was showing my cousin once removed Saad Salomon the family tree and it amazed him to see that his great grandfather was part of the tree. I have showed friends of mine, the work you have done and they are left with their mouths open. They say “wow” 1750. I reply laughing, that’s nothing we are going to trace it back to the bible!


Well I think I have said what was on my mind.



Alejandro Hazim.